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This is so incredibly wonderful, thank you Kranti from Sparkkling Thoughts for this tag. If you haven’t read her tag, you definitely should – and while you’re there, check out her blog. Thank you so much again Kranti, I enjoyed reading through your tag!

get to know me


  1. Thank the Person Who Nominated You
  2. Provide a Link to their Website
  3. Answer the “Get To Know Me” Questions
  4. Nominate 10-15 Bloggers.
  5. Pass on the Same 10 Questions ( With an additional of 2 of yours, if you wish )

The Questions:

1 What does your name mean?

Ana M – I was named after Mary’s mother, Ana, which means full of grace.

2. Are you scared of heights?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! I am definitely scared of heights. I mean take me up a couple flights of stairs and I won’t look down. No, thank you!

3. What is your best physical feature?

My best physical feature, seeing how my body has changed after having allmy babies who would have thought?! I wouldn’t say any physical features. I’d say my sense of humor, I love to laugh and love a good joke – anyone has a good mommy joke?

4. What is your favorite Music Genre?

I love anything from classical to opera to Spanish – seems I’m all over the place.

5. Are you a good cook?

Yes, I am! I also know how to follow a recipe, just perfected the Spanish Flan – you could say it’s similar to the custard – just better! Just kidding not really!

6. What is your favorite Ice-cream flavor?

Vanilla with the “Smucker’s Magic Shell” in Chocolate Fudge – and I’m not even a much a chocolate fan, but this is good. If you haven’t tried the magic shell for ice cream, you absolutely must! You can’t place it in the refrigerator for storing, you pour it on top of your ice cream and it freezes into a hard shell in seconds! It’s delicious and the kids are obsessed. You can find it in your local super market, where you would find the toppings for ice cream, say ice cream cones. You’re welcome!

8. What is your favorite festival?

Festival, I’ve been to one when I was young, it was the Jingle Ball and I was there to see Hanson – don’t judge! However, I love concerts, although in today’s world, don’t know if I’d risk my life that way. So sad. I’ve been to many concerts, I’ve seen Mariah Carey and Spanish artists like Marc Anthony (Jennifer Lopez’ baby daddy), Alejandro Fernandez, Aventura. I’ve also seen my share of plays/musicals like Don Quixote (Man of La Mancha) to Les Misérables and Fiddler on The Roof.

7. Do you have any allergies?

Ugh! Don’t remind me, I’m allergic to almost everything under the sun – from carpet, to dust, to pollen, to everything!

9. Which of your parents do you look like?

Mom but have my facial features, my eyes are like my dads – he has Korean background.

10. Who is your favorite Musician?

I’m so behind on my music, I feel like I haven’t heard music in ages! My oldest will take over the radio and she’s currently into Kelly Clarkson – she’s so good though, love her – amazing voice. And then when I’m home, I’m listening to Peppa Pig, Elmo and Minecraft! Haha, how mommy hood brings to you to the kids hood.

My Nominees:

Four Jordans

My Li’l Place

Simply Chronically Ill

Dorky Mom Doodles

Wonky Brain Blog

All In A Dads Work

Ms Graceful Not

Magic In The Everyday

A Life Less Ordinary With Saurabhavna

To my nominees, I absolutely love your writing, your posts and can not wait to read your answers!

Have a great Saturday!



Nail File Friday’s: Yellow Polish + Easy Heart Nail Art

Hello everyone, isn’t it great to know we’ve made it this far into the week?! Yes – finally, Friday! I’ve experimented with some yellow nail polish this week and although it took me outside my ‘comfort’ zone, I loved it! And if all fails and you don’t like it, it’s nail polish, it’s nothing permanent – remove it and all will continue to be well.

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Nail Polish Used: Essie Beyond Cozy (glitter) – I wasn’t able to find this particular one online for you, but I did find this beauty Essie: Luxeffects – Set In Stones (glitter) – Be sure to go here where I give you a simple tip on how to apply glitter polish and then I also used O.P.I Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet (yellow) for this look

Nail Tools Used: Nail Brush + Dotting Tool – Nail Brush side to clean sides of nails

This is a relatively self explanatory nail polish idea. As always, please remember to care for your nails by using Seche Clear Base Coat Polish  I painted the ring fingers and thumbs with Beyond Cozy by Essie and the rest of the fingers I went with Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet by O.P.I. I was looking for a vibrant almost neon yellow and this O.P.I color was the only one I found. If you all know of any other yellow color I may like – let me know!

Nail Polish Used: Essie: Licorice (black) and Petal Pushers (gray)

Nail Tools Used: Nail Brush + Dotting Tool – Nail Brush side to clean sides of nails and Dotting side for polka dots, Aluminum Foil and Fill up the Acetone cap with some Acetone to be able to go back and forth between nail dotting to wipe the dotting tool clean.

You can also wear these polishes as seen in the first picture – they would definitely look just as good! After I applied the base coat, I simply painted the ring finger and the thumb in the Petal Pusher color and the rest of the nails with Licorice. After I allowed my nails to dry, with a small piece of aluminum foil, I put a couple of drops of the Licorice color on the foil and dipped the dotting tool side in the color, beginning in the center of the nail with two dots and working my way out in a zig zag pattern. If you see that your dots are getting bigger even without applying too much pressure on the tool, you need to wipe it clean. Tip: the more pressure you put on the Dotter, the larger the dot will be. And if you don’t like a dot, simply dip the brush side of the tool in Acetone and gently wipe the dot clean. For the heart: I wanted a heart of my pointer finger, slightly off centered, simply put a couple drops of the Petal Pushers polish on the aluminum foil and dip the Dotter side in the color, place two dots on your nail where you want your heart to be, grab some more polish on the Dotter and drag those two dots to the center and downward where your heart will end. And voilà, you’re done!

And lastly, if you want a good laugh, go on over to Dorky Mom Doodles – because the post will only serve as a reminder on the importance of ……. base coat! Yes, base coat! 😊

I hope you’re enjoying these ‘Nail File Friday’s’ as much as I’m enjoying documenting them for you.

Have a blessed day!


Accepting + Dressing Body After Baby

Accepting + Dressing Body After Baby

The most beautiful experience in a woman’s life can quickly get overshadowed after the birth of her baby. As a first time mom and full of energy at that time, I quickly lost all the ‘baby’ weight and was back to my ‘ol self in no time. I walked to a local park with baby strapped securely in her stroller and walked about a mile a day. There was no science, no diet, no torture, no miracles here to be made. I simply walked every day – Monday through Friday. At this point in my life with Chiari + Syringomyelia and Hypothyroidism – which can give you unexplained weight gain, exercising is basically non-existent, much less walking for long periods of time because my legs can give out at any given time.

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At this point my body after having six c-sections  – understandably, has not been the same. Yes I know there are six which is a lot according to today’s society – but I won’t be going into all that. The message here is to accept our bodies as they are after baby. Your body has done the most precious thing, which is to create and care for a human in your womb and then give birth to it. I’ve birthed my babies being born weighing from 5 pounds to 9 pounds 10 ounces. I’ve also been the size 2 and am now way past that! But before I allow myself to tear my body down, I try to remember that my body has done what no other body has. It’s been through surgery after surgery and has carried babies – healthy babies! Remember that! Also, give your body time to get back to pre-baby shape, don’t rush the process, it took you 9 months to get there, it’ll take you 9 months to get back there.

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Now, how to come to a place where you are accepting of it?! How?! When I look in the mirror, I want to love what is looking back at me. It may not be perfect, I have loose skin, I have cellulite and dimples in places where I didn’t know there could be and stretch marks on my stomach, and legs and well everywhere! The darn things are everywhere, they’ve invaded my body, have taken out their sh$t and are enjoying their stay. There is no leaving for them any time soon. The creams, the oils, they don’t work – at least not for me they didn’t. Either that or I’m months too late in getting my money back on those belly creams. I think they’re actually hereditary, if your mom had them when she was pregnant, the chances of you having them are pretty precise. Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but yes!

The most effective way I’ve found aside from making the necessary steps in accepting my body the way it is now, is to dress for my body. You need to know your body, know your new body shape and dress for it. And know that a woman with confidence makes her the most beautiful. Lastly, wear a shape wear after baby, it helps smooth and tuck the abdomen area. These looks are what I look for when shopping and dressing my new body after baby.

It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

I’ve found that non-tight fitting t-shirts or flowy shirts look best. They don’t accentuate my stomach or abdomen area – my ‘problem areas’ and are the most flattering. And if I do wear a form fitting shirt, I like to wear a jean jacket over, jackets are such staple pieces.
Related imageRelated imageImage result for flowy shirt plus size outfitsRelated imageImage result for dresses plus size outfits

Also, high waisted jeans, they avoid the ‘muffin top’ – which by the way, there isn’t such thing, that only means you’re wearing jeans that are two sizes too small for you. What a difference good fitting jeans make! Also, if I can give you a tip on something to look for when buying jeans, the zipper, the longer the zipper the less camel toe you’ll get. Yes!
Image result for high waisted jeans plus size outfitRelated imageImage result for high waisted jeans plus size outfitRelated image

I love the A-line t-shirt dress for a casual look. It’s so flattering and hides what you don’t appreciate at the moment. I personally don’t like anything that is tightly cinched at the waist line or underneath the boobs – you know what I mean, yes, I feel like it makes me look a little pregnant-ish again.

Image result for flowy shirt outfitsImage result for flowy shirt outfitsRelated imageImage result for flowy shirt outfitsImage result for flowy shirt plus size outfits

Just like the A-line t-shirt dress, I do the same for the evening dresses. How amazing are these?!

T-Shirt DressRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

And lastly the skirts, now because my ‘problem area’ is my abdomen, I pull the skirt up higher than my waist, bring the skirt up higher – you’ll notice the difference! You can see what I did for our last family photo session with the skirt and chambray shirt – such an easy and cute way of finding what you currently have while embracing your new figure. I’ve loved the combination of a casual top, like a tank top to a t-shirt with a flowy skirt/dressy bottom.

Image result for high waisted skirt plus size outfitImage result for high waisted skirt plus size outfitRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

And because my family will be going on vacation in the next couple of months, I wanted to see the swimsuits. These I found on RoseGalRose Wholesale and Plus Trendy – love the ruffle tops!

‘Wanting to be someone else, is a waste of the person you are today’

Here’s to us women loving our bodies at all stages of life! Have a beautiful day.


Photo: Tanja Heffner

The Liebster Award – 3

The Liebster Award

I want to thank The Pink Herald’s Blog for this nomination! It’s always such a great feeling knowing you are doing something remotely right that you’ve touched a fellow blogger enough to think of you. Thank you Lynn! If I can describe her for you in one word it would be, survivor! She’s a survivor! Get to know her, her blog, her story and how she created her blog in memory of her sister Kathi.

What The Award Is:

The Liebster is an award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

The Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you

Answer the questions about yourself provided by your nominator

Nominate 5-11 fellow bloggers with fewer than 1000 followers who you think deserve the award

Create a new list of questions for your nominees

List the rules in your post

Let your nominees know of your nomination personally

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1. Who would you most like to meet (dead or alive) and why?

I would have loved to have met my paternal grandfather – he was Korean. My grandparents divorced and I only got a chance to meet my paternal grandmother that has been deceased for a few years. I saw her a few times on trips to Nicaragua. She was such a strong lady, so creative, so loving. As I grew up, either I was teased at school or was nicknamed for my Asian facial features, specifically my eyes. As time went by and now as an adult, we finally were told about my paternal grandfathers side of the family. It was such an amazing feeling knowing that even if only to have his Korean features – I’m happy to know something of him lives in me. My children also have my facial features and it just reminds me of how far our blood line goes – incredible!

2. Who is your favorite author?

One of a few, the author Lauren Weisberger that has written titles like The Devil Wears Prada – great by the way! I’ve been recently itching to read When Life Gives You Lululemons – have to get that!

3. What is one thing you would like to accomplish in your lifetime?

In my lifetime, to know that I’ve done a good job raising the children God has sent to me. I try to raise them to best of my abilities and pray that I can continue to lead them on the path to knowing the Lord as their one and only true Father. As my life will not last forever, but the love of Christ will live in their hearts forever.

4. What is your biggest regret?

Regret, I try not to look back at my life with regret. However, there are a few events, heartbreaks, friendships that I would have liked to have gone differently, maybe have been more honest. I would have wanted myself to have been stronger and able to have been willing to speak on what was in my heart, things have remained left unsaid – on my behalf. Isn’t that unfortunate, when you didn’t speak on something and would have liked to?! Ugh!

5. What is one thing you could start doing to make a difference in someone’s life?

Aside from living with chronic pain and spending most of my days on edge due to the pain. I try not to be snappy or disrespectful to people. I try but if you come to me with some nonsense about life’s hardships, to me – I apologize in advance for my lack of interest. It’s hard to want to make a difference in someones else’s life when I’m barely making a difference in my own. I do want to make a difference through this outlet – my blog. And outside of this outlet, I try to be a good ear to whomever needs one, be a good listener – not always a talker. Again, living with chronic pain on a daily basis can get in the way of trying to be a ‘good’ friend by societies standards, but I try my best. If I think of you, I try to reach out and take advantage of that moment and send a text or anything to let you know, I’m thinking of you. I can definitely start wanting to build stronger, better friendships.

My Nominees:

Four Jordans

Cole Campfire Blog

Parks & Recreation

Sparkkling Thoughts

Journie 2 Woman

My Questions:

(I’m going to borrow one here from Lynn, thank you Lynn!)

  1. Who is your favorite author?
  2. If you could recommend this busy mama a book that you think is worth the read, which would it be?
  3. When was the last time you did something for yourself?
  4. If you could only choose one, what would be the one quality you look for in a friend?
  5. How would you like to be remembered?

Thank you blogger friends for participating, I think your blogs are amazing! I can’t wait to read your answers!

Have a wonderful day!


Sunshine Blogger Award – 2


Hey everyone, how exciting to know I got nominated by the very talented blogger over at All Things Alexyss, she’s a makeup artist, writes about makeup, fashion and lifestyle – stop by her blog and say hello! Thank you Alexyss for the nomination, I appreciate it!

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in the post and link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions asked of you
  • List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post
  • Write a new list of 11 questions for your nominees
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award

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Questions from All Things Alexyss:

1. How did you first get into blogging?

I got into blogging, I believe in February of this year. After years of contemplating as to whether or not to do it, having a passion for writing but not believing I can do blogging, I finally gave it a go! And here we are. My main focus is to spread awareness for Chiari Malformation + Syringomyelia it’s a rare congenital neurological disorder – phew! That’s a mouth full, yes, it’s definitely a fun task to have to explain this to people.

2. What motivates and inspires you to write?

As my therapist put it oh so nicely, it’s free therapy! Yes, I agree. I get to write about things from my family to things that interest me. If I don’t write about Chiari, it’s because I find myself in denial at times not wanting to face the music, not wanting to accept things, however when I do, it’s a release. Chiari can be like the ‘ole ball and chain, just following me, slowing me down and trying to get me to the lowest of the lows.

3. What is your favorite season/weather and why?

Summer. Although it’s technically Hurricane Season in Florida, Summer is when the kids are home from school, they can spend more time with the little ones without the rush of homework and other things that get in the way during regular school days.

4. If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere and stay where would you go?

How relaxing does Fiji sound?! To lay by the clear blue waters, having some coconut water, enjoying the nice view, the breeze and stay on those over-water bungalows, yes please!

5. If you could start over in life would you change anything?

I wouldn’t choose to start my life over. I know the ending of some events in my life brought me great sadness, like the end of relationships or initial diagnosis of my illness. But all that is inevitable. Things happen where either you learn from them, you learn through time to accept them, you keep them in your heart, but never allow them to hold you back from anything. From moving forward. My diagnosis was bound to come into my life sooner or later, and I think it’s best to always know, go to your doctor and know what’s wrong. So that then you can take the necessary steps to get you on the right track.

6. What is the one makeup product you cannot live without?

My OLAY Moisturizer  have used it for years and haven’t nor would I trade it for any other.

7. What is your #1 passion in life? Why?

I think it’s more like my mission in life. And that is to raise good people, good citizens and followers of Jesus. The Lord has granted me the blessing and privileged to care for the children that He’s sent to me. I struggle daily, I do something that shows the impatient mother in me, but He always has enough mercy for me to give me another day to make things right.

8. What are the three things you would bring with you on a desert island?

OK, this list is way too short, can we group my tribe aka family in one?! Thank you! 1. Familia 2. my phone because Lord knows if the tribe will be bored and 3. food because there’s always someone hungry around these parks, always!

9. If you were going to college right now what would you major in?

Criminal Justice. I’ve loved law since I first started to work in a law firm at about 16 years old and my heart just fell in love with it. I’m an artist by trait, but love law.

10. Favorite quote?

I love many but if I can apply one for today, it would be …

‘If life changes to be harder, change yourself to be stronger’

So, incredibly true, we can’t change life, the things, the breakups, the heartaches, the diagnosis that have been dealt to us, but we change our perspective.

11. Favorite genre of food?

I love Thai food. So, yummy – some of my favorite dishes are Tom Yum Gung – the lemongrass with mushrooms is delicious, Pad Thai and for dessert, not exactly an authentic dessert from Thailand, it was introduced by the Thai restaurants in America and labeled “Thai Donuts.” You must try these small fluffy biscuits drizzled with sweet condensed milk, so savory! This must be what those white fluffy things floating in sky taste like, it just must!

My Nominees:

Outside Air

My Li’l Place

Simply Chronically Ill

Questions: I’m going to borrow these from Alexyss because they were great! Thank you Alexyss!

  1. How did you first get into blogging?
  2. What motivates and inspires you to write?
  3. What is your favorite season/weather and why?
  4. If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere and stay where would you go?
  5. If you could start over in life would you change anything?
  6. What is the one makeup product you cannot live without?
  7. What is your #1 passion in life? Why?
  8. What are the three things you would bring with you on a desert island?
  9. If you were going to college right now what would you major in?
  10. . Favorite quote?
  11. . Favorite genre of food?

To my nominees, I hope you know that I love your blog and that I think you are amazing! I look forward to reading your answers.

Have a wonderful night!


Happy Meme Monday

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day, to all the dad’s raising their children to the best of their abilities – blessing to you!

Funny-Parenting-Memes 2

This meme gave me a good laugh, the school going children are on vacation. Which means I have a full house, so this here is such a reality these days or mornings – so it begins!

Happy Monday!


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If I Could Only Keep One … Makeup Tag

I was tagged by All Things Alexyss and I’m so excited because this is my first makeup tag! She blogs about makeup, fashion, lifestyle and overall greatness, stop by there and say hello! I will say this before we begin, as a stay at home I normally am not wearing makeup daily, I will do my eyebrows and mascara every now and then. However, say I need to go on a ‘Target run’ or go out with the family, then yes, I’ll try to hide the dark eye circles that scream I haven’t slept since 2007! You know, try to let the world know I got six kids and still got my shish together – even if I don’t!


Two words – PRIMER WATER! I use the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water and spray it multiple times – it’s a must on our vacation days at the most magical place on Earth aka WDW aka hottest place on Earth. I spray it on my Beautyblender Sponge to apply my concealer, it helps set the concealer for a longer lasting application or you can use water – simply run your sponge under the water, squeeze the excess water out and use it to apply your concealer. However, the primer water will work exceptionally better, continue to spray the primer water as you continue to apply your concealer and/foundation and use the sponge in a dabbing motion.



Even when I do wear makeup I try to keep light, fresh and as ‘natural’ as I can, so I try not to use foundation. If I do – which is rare, I’ll use the MAC Mineralize Foundation


This here is a MUST, I get close to zero sleep, if it’s not something I’m working on, cleaning, organizing, my kids, it will get me to bed, LATE. I recently gave in to the hype that is the Tarte Shape Tape and YES, it’s lived up to it all! I’ve been having dry skin for a while and to find a concealer that won’t apply on my skin and make the Sahara jealous is a MUST! So far, so good!

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer - Light - Medium

Setting Powder + Powder

I’m by no means a beauty guru, I’ve tried the Laura Mercier and did not like! I know, I don’t know, did I use it wrong?! I’m not sure. I don’t use it too often, but I do have the RCMA No-Color Powder, it’s worked better than the Laura Mercier – I feel it doesn’t set in the fine lines underneath my eyes. And for my powder I use the MAC Pro Longwear Powder Pressed in Medium Plus have used it for years, it’s great!

3 oz RCMA No Color Powder   

Setting Spray

OK, this here is an absolute must, to know you’ve spent from 5 minutes to 30 minutes on your makeup and to have it run down your face in about an hour max, no! This Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray will make my makeup last, as long as I don’t wipe it off. I take it in my travel bag for those hot vacation days to Disney World and my ‘everyday’ makeup routine if I happen to apply makeup at all.


I live for this, it’s such a healthier alternative for tanning under the sun, for this I use the MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden I’ve been so loyal to this friend of mine for so long! It’s the perfect bronzer with a hint of sparkle/shimmer.


I’ll usually be content with the bronzer alone – but I do have the MAC Pro Longwear Blush a great blush powder.


I love the Mary-Lou Manizer aka The Luminizer subtle with the perfect amount of shine, my go to, every time.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Eyeshadow Palette

OK, not to make you want to take out your violin here, but I’m going to be real honest, I.Don’t.Need.Eyeshadow for everyday use or I’m too busy to put it on. I mean, it could be anything. If I do put it on, it’s for, say a wedding or something fancy like that. So, for that my go to is the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette

Eye Liner

This is going to be the Bobbi Brown – Gel Eyeliner in Pitch Black I can’t say enough good things about this gel eyeliner, goes on smooth and lasts! That’s all I need in my life!


Here I use two, because I’m strange that way, I love them so much but I will say, if I must choose one, it would be the Benefit – They’re Real Mascara you must try this one! It lengthens in just a couple swipes and lasts all day, it’s Jet Black color is just perfect. The other favorite of mine, because you know I won’t leave you hanging like that, is the L’Oreal Voluminous Original in Blackest Black it works great, I do apply many coats because I do love that dark lash look however it’s still beautiful!

            L'Oréal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.28 fl. oz.


This may seem strange but I always look at peoples brows. I know! Strange, I told you! I love nicely groomed, nicely shaped brows. I’ve been known to do them on some people and I love it. I don’t know if it’s the ‘artsy’ person in me, but I know what shape looks best on you – I mean just follow your natural brow bone and voila! And people, fill in those brows! Ugh, light brows need some color, they need to pop – try it, you’ll love it! I’ve been using this for years and years, the MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso (matte) YES I’m aware it’s an eye shadow and it works great on your brows and if you have a few hairs missing on your hair line – like me due to pregnancy, not pregnant now, then, you can even dab a brush on this eye shadow and apply it on your hairline! No one will know you’re missing a tiny bit of hair around your hairline. So, here’s what I use, the MAC Eye Shadow in Espresso (matte), the Anastasia Beverly Hills – #12 Duo Brow Brush – it has a brush on one end and a spoolie on the other and lastly to set the brows in place I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills – Clear Brow Gel  – you need this to act like a hair spray for your brows!

Just to give you a few pictures on how I do my brows and the last picture showing my huge little hair swirl – if it’s ‘bothering’ me too much that day, I’ll just get an eye shadow brush and apply some of the MAC Espresso shadow so that it isn’t too noticeable. That was long, I think this deserved a whole post on it’s own!


I’ve never been into lipsticks, I wish I was the red lipstick wearing kinda gal, but I’m not. So, I do a natural and shiny lip with lip gloss – love them! I have my favorite and that is the Dior Addict – Ultra Gloss  in the shade ‘169 Gems’ it’s clear with a hint of pink and they’re not sticky.

I really enjoyed this tag and hope you’ve gathered some favorites to try – you must! I’m going to tag ….

My Li’l Place

Invisibly Me

Magic In The Everyday

and if you’re reading and would like to join the tag, please do so, I’d love to read it and know what are your all time favorite makeup products to use! Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful day!