Blogging 101 – Tips For The First Time Blogger 2018

I am a … first time blogger – phew, there I’ve said it!

And just like that, feelings of intimidation, embarrassment, guessing, second and triple  guessing, confusion, at times frustration, semi mental breakdowns, etc. come rushing all at once. USA, LLC

I’d love to pick your brain, let me know your most helpful tip(s) for first time bloggers such as myself. The sort of, Blogging 101, Must Know’s or Tips For First Time Bloggers 2018 Edition.

I’ll take any helpful tip(s), big or small, such as how to come up with a name for your blog, how often should you blog, what topics to choose for posts, what is a post, how to create an award, how to create a tag, how to respond to both an award and a tag, what works, what doesn’t. The things that have helped you in your own blogging journey.

As for myself, I’ve been using this one since day one in my short time blogging  …

My most helpful tip(s) for you: Two words, Blogging Journal‘ … yes! I am still a good ‘ole paper and pencil kind of gal and with so much going on, my ‘Blogging Journal’ has come to alleviate some stress. I keep it on my desk with a pencil/pen and a highlighter – sorry kids, I’ll give it back, maybe! I’ll write down ideas throughout the day as they come, half of the time it’s not in the neatest handwriting, but it works!

My second tip: In your ‘Blogging Journal,’ make/label sections using tabs/sticky notes, write down all your online useful website sources, along with any user names and passwords you’ve created related to your blog, I’ve collected a few already and this has been a huge help!

Please leave your most helpful tip(s) in the comments and include your blog, so others can follow along your journey with you!

Happy Thursday! USA, LLC

Photo: Jan Kahánek

8 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Tips For The First Time Blogger 2018

  1. I have used sheets of lined paper to write things down. Like names especially when some of my characters are alien or dead and gone. Searching for fictional names is the best way to find the right name for the main character in a blog. I keep the lists for ever. They come in handy.

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    1. Yes! Even though technology continues to make such advances to ‘simplify’ our lives. I still believe some things should remain. I still believe in paper and pen, I have a journal book that I divide into sections according to potential posts. While somethings are neatly written others are a little bit messy – if an idea comes to me I’ll jot it down quickly so I don’t forget. Likewise, it’s very handy! 😊 Also, consistency in blogging, setting aside specific dates to post has helped motivate me to write!

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      1. Yes, I agree with all you have said back to me. I feel the same way consistency is important when blogging. Tonight I will do one to hopefully have you and others enjoy my short stories. I know being motivated to write is very important. I am proud you have those dates to write your blog. Never stop it is great therapy as well.

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  2. Love this! You are definitely not alone, I myself have my own little booklet that I carry around and jot notes in! I also make a list of topics every time I think of them so that on nights I plan on writing I can definitely do so without having to scratch my brain for a topic for hours! I’m a brand new blogger myself (not even a month yet!) so I wish I had some advice to offer but I’m learning the ropes too! The only other thing I could maybe mention is, I have all sorts of pictures organized and collected by themes (this is probably not as easy for all blogs the way it is for a Walt Disney World blog) but that way I have a collection of pictures ready to choose from based on my topic while I’m writing! Happy blogging! I love your posts!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, the journals and books are so helpful for note taking and future reference. I cross out the ideas once I’ve turned then into a post on the blog. Love the idea of organizing the pictures! I have a picture folder saved on my computer and named it ‘Blog.’ That way I know those pictures are all blog related.
      I’m so glad you started your WDW blog, you’re doing an amazing job! 🤗👏🏽❤️

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