Reblog: Can You Blog Under Pressure? — Renard’s World

I am so excited to share this post with you. The post is from a great blogger over at Renard’s World – he is full of such helpful tips and blogging information and being that I’m also a relatively new blogger, this post immediately caught my attention!

It’s really about making the best out of our unique situation, time and continuing to growing as an effective blogger.

He points out very useful topics in this post, such as:

° Doing Whatever You Can Whenever You Can

° Learn to Regain Your Composure

° Get Yourself ‘In The Zone’

° Improvising When Your Computer Breaks Down

° Believe In Your Ability To Get It Done

° Give Yourself An Incentive To Get It All Done

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday.


Effective methods of handing blogging when you are under so-called pressure

via Can You Blog Under Pressure? — Renard’s World

9 thoughts on “Reblog: Can You Blog Under Pressure? — Renard’s World

  1. What a great post, thank you for sharing the information that you found in Renard’s post.

    I just wanted to say I read your post about you and found myself smiling at the you photo, you have a beautiful family, you all look so incredibly happy 💝

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    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. And a fun fact about those photos, we took them about a week after my laminectomy – spinal surgery, for Syringomyelia. It was cold and I just pushed through. They were going to be our Christmas card pictures and we needed to take them to get them out in time for Christmas. I had someone nearby and they ran to get the baby from me as soon as the camera stopped. My spine each time I held the baby, felt like it was breaking in two. It was both fun and incredibly painful. But it’s something that sometimes happens, that’s life – you push through it and I just got through it, thankfully ok.

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