Searching For A Sign

I often get so many thoughts running through my mind and maybe you can relate. These thoughts of wanting to do something else, something more, maybe learn a new language or perhaps learn a new recipe. As for me I think with the blog and the online store I have, is enough considering there are still little ones to look after. But really, there’s always that one thing, that thing that we think we should be doing, should have done or goal yet to be reached. And all you’ve been doing is waiting, waiting for something, perhaps God to come and give you a sign. Perhaps because you’re not sure, you have self doubt, you’re afraid, afraid of failure or afraid of success, but you’re afraid. So, let’s say, you do it, whatever you’ve been thinking of doing, a job change, going back to school, yes, lets just say you do it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally do what you’ve been thinking about doing for so long?!

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This often reminds me of those who have been stuck in a rut for so long. We become content with what we have because it’s become our safe place and it’s what we’ve known for so long. In my opinion, the number one culprit in relationships, is the argument of never having enough money, you complain there isn’t enough, but I often question, what are we doing to change that, what are we doing to get to the finances that we need to finally ‘make ends meet.’ In all honesty, probably nothing. So, if you’re a mother, a father or simply someone that’s looking to take that leap – take it! It’ll take you farther than you know.


23 thoughts on “Searching For A Sign

  1. This is a good writer & thought provoking. I have been planning on starting my own fashion business/builders & to achieve that i need to quit my current job. Well its something that I must do before this year runs out. Sometimes, we just have to overcome the fear of failure, and enjoy the feeling that comes with executing that long procrastinated goal. Taking that leap of faith, I believe is always worth it.

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    1. Yes, I believe that sometimes when you don’t have your time invested in its entirety on that, it tends to take a bit longer to achieve. Of course, we have our financial obligations that we don’t want to fall back on, however it’s part of taking that risk. It’s incredible how many people have a fear of failure but also a fear of success. Not know how to react to success. Failure? You’ll only know once you take the leap of faith. If failure occurs, at ‘least you tried’ – believe in your dream enough where that won’t happen or you won’t allow it to happen.
      I’m excited for you and your dream of being a business owner! Go for it! 😊🙏🏽

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    1. He does, He’s amazing. I believe that when He clears the path for me, everything feels like it’s being lauded out, it’s from Him. Otherwise, it isn’t meant for me, no matter how I may feel about it. When it’s not mean to be, it won’t be – no matter how hard I try.

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  2. I literally have no time for school. There’s so many I’d like to take.. I’m also into making hiking sticks. I’m making them here and there and when I finally have a good bit in quantity, I plan/hope to set up a little stand along a trailhead somewhere and see what kind of business I can get. It, for their time being is something I can achieve with the time I have.

    Of course, my blog takes up the largest majority of my time and effort. But I prioritize it a little higher because I have time to be on here and I’m hoping it’s helpful. Being a blessing and helping someone is a better achievement than any of my other involvements right now.

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    1. That’s fantastic! Like in everything, taking the first step is great, and you’ve done that. Maybe you won’t be there tomorrow, but you know that, so baby steps. Everything will come together. Maybe with the hiking sticks you have, you can sell them to a friend, and by word of mouth, you can start making them to order. It’s incredible to see when you’ve realized your passion or a talent and put it to use.
      Yes, definitely having others say, how grateful or happy you’ve made them does feel incredible. Of course always being sure you don’t rely on others to make you happy. That’s when I see that I’m often times disappointed by others comments only because I’ve depended on them to make me happy. It’s a mistake I try not to repeat. 🙏🏽😊

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      1. I’m an open book Ana. Raw but real… true to life with all my knucklehead numbskullery… 😬


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