My YouTube Channel Is Born

Have you ever felt so bad, in so much pain, feeling like you have enough on your plate, but can’t stop pushing forward?! That’s me at this moment in my life. I’ve decided Chiari + Syringomyelia will have a place in my life, but not have my entire life. As positive as that may sound, it is extremely difficult, as I don’t only deal with the mental challenges of having a non-curable illness but also the physical aspect of it all.

I mentioned to my daughter earlier this week about perhaps starting a nail tutorial YouTube channel – for beginners, as I’m one myself. And before I could finish talking she said, ‘do it!’ Oh, to have the heart of a kid again, no fears, no doubts, just pure determination. That was the push I needed and before I had the time to second guess myself, I ordered a simple iPhone tripod from Amazon Prime, thought of a name for the channel, spent 1,000 hours – or what felt like, watching YouTube videos on how to make YouTube videos – did you get all that, and my channel Simple Nail Designs was born!

With a new tripod in hand and my iPhone, because right now any fancy equipment will have to wait. And this video here is the result of a small idea made reality.


Make things happen today.

It doesn’t take too much money to start an idea, try to work with what you already have. Don’t think of making any large investments right away. If you’ve been contemplating on something, big or small, all it takes to make it happen is passion and motivation.

How serious are you about achieving those dreams and how hard are you willing to work for them. I have absolutely no knowledge on recording a video and editing – none. I did however, know that the idea could turn into something. Maybe it won’t grow right away, but with patience, it will grow.

I share the news so you can follow along this new journey of mine. Please take a look at the video – my very first, AND please subscribe! Don’t be a ghost follower, they’re frowned upon!

I’m self-taught right now, so if you have any ideas on how to make videos that much better, please share!

Have a wonderful day.


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Photo: Carl Heyerdahl

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59 thoughts on “My YouTube Channel Is Born

      1. If you order it from dollar nail art store it comes with nail foil glue. You put it on over any polish or base coat and wait til it turns clear then dull side of foil is pressed against and it goes on!

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    1. Thank you Debbie! Thank you! I know, I’m still there! But I got through that first video. 🙌🏽 It only took what felt like never ending hours trying to figure everything out – not computer savvy at all, just the basic. But video editing and creating is a whole new world. I will, I’m still very excited and motivated. 😊🙏🏽

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      1. Yes! I agree. It’s great. And it’s the longest of the video making process too. I still think this first video should be shorter. It’s about 4 minutes and change, but I still think it could have been shorter. You’re right on that! It takes a ton of practice, I’ve just had one. But I’m trying! So, hoping for better quality stuff – on a ‘free’ budget! 😆 I don’t want to invest too much on this until it picks up.


    1. Haha! Thank you so much Vivian, just do it! I’m trying not to second guess myself.
      Often times I feel I’m ‘too small’ to do things, I’m not, those are lies we create ourselves that in turn to into fear. But we are just as capable as everyone else in making it happen.
      I hope you are doing well! 😊🙏🏽

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      1. I understand that feeling. Fear is definitely a paralyzing emotion I am constantly fighting off. I am doing well!! Still have power even though it’s been windy and rainy, the power is holding up. I’m so glad!! Hugs dear Ana! Did you get the MRI results in? Thinking about that and hoping you were able to get further answers and helps. Xoxo 😚🤗

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      2. Yes, keep fighting it! As my daughter said, just do it – and I’m pretty sure Nike did too! 😏
        Oh wow! Yes, having power is a great thing. So glad for you too!
        I did do the MRI, I went to my appt with my Neurologist in Thursday and he couldn’t really see what he wanted to. So, he’s ordered a Cine MRI – those are the best, not for me but for the doctor. So I’ve got that scheduled and then off to see him again. It’s a cicle – at times a never ending but we always hope to get helped at the end. I’m trying to just stay patient. I have to also remember that this is something that won’t go away, the illness, the symptoms, so it’s truly not about feeling disappointed and realizing that this is the new me – until He calls me home. 😊🙏🏽
        How are you feeling?


      3. Yes, I grew up watching those Nike commercials and Michael Jordan…I wanna be like Mike!☺ I’m not familiar with that MRI….is it 3D? I’ll keep praying for answers and direction, plus guidance for your doctor. Oh, I understand patience….I struggle with that too. I’ve come to accept my TBI journey is long, and most don’t recover fully, we just learn to cope with our wonky injuries and symptoms. God’s holding us Ana. I’m okay right now. My family wants me over tonight to celebrate by birthday…..I’m not up to it but they’re being sweet so I best go. I’ll need recovery time…..upwards of 3-4 days.

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      4. Hey one of my boys birthday was the 13th, he turned 7. My other sons is tomorrow, Sunday.
        Ugh! Tell me about it! I know! My husband says I’m anti-social but that’s not the case. The noise, the chatter, following conversations just about make my head explode! We’re celebrating both my boys birthdays together tomorrow at a children’s ‘gaming’ place. But, ugh, they’re excited, I’m just dreading it. I mean it’s a zoo already at my house – imagine that place! 😢 Its hard, I have many things going on, but to be place in a setting where I know I’m going to come out like I’m close to dying it’s another. But how do you say no to the kids when they’re already so understanding of my illness?! It’s a tough position to be in. And we do it out of the love we have for them. Is it the healthiest thing to do, not at all! But sometimes we’re pushed against the wall.
        I get it, I understand far too well 😊🙏🏽


      5. How neat is that!! That’s a good day for birthday boys. 😄 My nephew’s girfriend and I share a birthday. My son and I are exactly one week apart and my other son and I are exactly one month apart. Crazy!

        Oh. Ana. I’m there with you. I get that so well. Before TBI I loved parties and people….I was a real chatty Kathy but now, ugh, it’s like I’m looking at people while nodding politely, forcing myself to interact and all the time wishing they would stop talking to me. I hate that I feel this way. Conversations take so much effort for me. Plus, getting a bath, finding clothes, fixing hair, getting the kids in order and then going places feel like too much even before arriving there. By the time I get through it I feel like a vegetable taking several days to recover. I carry ear plugs in my purse with me for noise but Ana, I get that…..It’s like super hard but then my family would be hurt if I was a no show to my own birthday party. And I rarely attend church or go anywhere because of the scary aftermath……it’s too much for my brain to handle. We are in very similar circumstances. Much love tomorrow. We can recover together!! 😚🙏💚

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      6. I know! That’s awesome! So many birthdays close together, who needs a diet when you have birthday cake. I don’t diet anyway so, all is well 🙌🏽

        You spoke straight to my heart! So sad but so true. Yes, I need people to be at an arms length – no offense to anyone but it is what it is. Ugh, if only people can text me even when they’re standing right in front of me – would that be strange?! I know, it would be! But, at least I could keep up with the conversation and feel less of a complete idiot. You know?! Ear plugs, thank you, I’d never thought of that. Yes, noise for me is killer! And I have six kids, go figure! I know! But again, it’s not their fault, what’s going on in my body, is not their fault, or anyone’s. You mentioned your husband, after you experienced a few bad episodes finally gets it now. I don’t have that, mine is great, however I’m such a hard a$$$ that he thinks, we’ll she’s fine. I started a YouTube channel, yes, that won’t help in having him see that I’m not ok. Haha! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Oops!
        The channel has been in the back of my mind for so long, but of course, my health now is so different. I battle wanting to feel normal. But of course, no ones normal Vivian! No one, we’re all so beautifully unique!

        How do you take out your frustration? We can’t take boxing, so that’s, that. When I’m at my wits end, I go to therapy but even that times doesn’t help bc I don’t want to yell at my sweet therapist. She’s the best.
        The church thing got me Vivian! We attend church Saturdays, and it’s been difficult. You know, so I won’t go too into that. My heart is at peace – sometimes, knowing that I’m at least doing morning prayer on Sunday’s with the children. It’s not church but it’s something!

        Many many hugs to you. Yes we’ll recover tomorrow. Gods helping us through this. He is. 😊🙏🏽


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