Happy Meme Monday: Mom Of Boys

I’m not sure if this happens to you, but this seems to happen too often, there are somethings that doesn’t faze boys – like the urgency to get dressed. Or when I ask them what they’re doing and they tell me they’re getting dressed, only to walk in on them playing LEGO’s – doing everything but getting dressed!


Yes, there are just some realities a mom will experience with her boy that she won’t experience with her girl.

Happy Meme Monday!



38 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Mom Of Boys

    1. Yup sounds just about right! Haha! My oldest is my most sleepy/lazy of the boys, wow, the boy can sleep! He’s in 3rd grade now but I remember him being in PreK and us having to dress him while he slept. It was that or him missing school. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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      1. Well I believe that’s just it, Ana. Parents aren’t parenting. So kids are raised by society. And when these things, no matter how dumb, becomes popular, they do them because it’s popular and they do it because of attention and lack of better sense. All kids do crazy stuff, but with the right parenting, they can realize what is going too far.

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      2. Yes, ‘hit the nail on the head.’ There are many things that in today’s homes isn’t being seen. For one, family dinners, no interacting, no family conversations at the table. Nothing. It’s just not there anymore. We for one opted to have one tv, it the living room, and we all compromise and share time together. There will be no, each child in their room watching Lord knows what. And things have changed, before you could join a school sports team or club for free! Today, you have to pay. My son, the one with Autism, chose to join a Lego building club at school. It’s costing us a pretty penny, unfortunately it’s the truth, but if we don’t support them now, when will we?!

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