Reblog Wednesday: Reaching the top of the mountain… — Cristian Mihai

If you haven’t visited Cristian’s blog, I encourage you to do so. I wanted to share this one here with you.

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This post here in was full of truth. I’ve always thought that often times, I am my own worst critic. I live with chronic pain which in return is followed by self-doubt. I try not to blame others for my physical pain and diagnosis, you know, answer with an attitude or be harsh, after all it’s no one’s fault as to what I’m feeling. I’ve also seen that when I want to start something new, have an idea for something, I am quick to have reasons as to why I can’t do it – before it even begins. I begin to write up a list in my mind as to why I can’t reach things, won’t achieve them and in turn my ideas go to waste, the opportunity slips away. This mountain that is often full of pain and anger, it’s full of negativity, of self doubt and unaccomplished things. Maybe it’s due to my diagnosis, or my son’s autism diagnosis or just a combination of many things. Nonetheless, this is the mountain that I always try to move for myself – daily. It has to be done, otherwise, this mountain can turn into depression, anxiety, and instead of climbing it, I can fall from it. This is a mountain that often goes unseen by others, but that I feel deep in my soul.

Fortunately, with age comes wisdom, faith and hope. The wisdom to know when I need to stop the negative thinking, the faith of knowing that all things can be done through Him, and the hope of knowing that there will always be light, as long as I’m willing to see it.

Do you have mountains, how do you move them?


“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” – Muhammad Ali Ever felt like a failure? Worthless? Lonely being redemption, broken beyond repair. A waste of time? Ever felt that it just doesn’t matter? Ever felt like you couldn’t do something because it was too difficult? […]

via Reaching the top of the mountain… — Cristian Mihai

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12 thoughts on “Reblog Wednesday: Reaching the top of the mountain… — Cristian Mihai

    1. Yes! I’m so glad you do too. I’m ok, hanging in there. I had an MRI yesterday morning, that cost me the rest of my day. I came home straight to bed, only to wake up to begin homework with the children and then go back to bed. 😏🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s insane how a simple procedure can take control of how the rest of my day will go.
      How are you Vivian?

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      1. Oh my dearest Ana! I have been praying for the MRI. Yes, I understand. I’m wiped out after going anywhere and Drs especially are stressful. Awwww sweetie, I understand how hard autism is too. I worked with autistic children before I had my own family for several years. I don’t have a degree or anything in it but they hired me for the company because I have taken care of my mama who has cerebal palsy.
        I wrote you an update on me on Pinterest but I’m much better today, praise God! Praying for you so much. Let me know about your MRI result when you are able. ❤

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      2. Yes, doctors appointments can be an absolute nightmare for me. They completely take me out. That’s great! Wow. Thankfully with my son, he can be self aware and can most of the time behave when we’re out or when he’s in front of others. I’m so glad you made it to church, unfortunately I can’t say the same for myself. But I’m so happy you did. It’s a great thing, our souls need it.
        Thank you Vivian, thinking about you! 😊🙏🏽 Yes, will do, they said to wait 72 hours to have my doctor receive the results – I had a Cine MRI done.

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      3. Yes! They’re the best especially since I have CSF flow issues, any changes can occur at anytime. Thank you so much Vivian, I’m praying for you, for strength and patience. Chronic pain is hard to deal with sometimes. 😊🙏🏽

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