Happy Meme Monday: Mornings Equal Coffee


If I can sum up the start of my day in one word, that’d be, coffee. I need my coffee in the morning. I’ve read the articles on coffee, some stating how coffee can be harsh on your health, while others promote a healthy daily consumption. I like to think I consume as much as my mommy brain will allow. My day starts off rather early and if there’s anything that allows me to even semi-function the way a ‘normal’ human would and avoid running into walls, that’d be my early morning coffee.

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I really admire people that drink tea or water first thing in the morning, I really do! Because at this point, I don’t think there’s anything that’ll replace my love for ‘cafe con leche’ (coffee with milk) – so good! What is ‘cafe con leche‘ you ask? This is a Spanish coffee beverage, it’s bold coffee with really hot milk. I also, may or may not have to reheat it multiple times too and I have six little reasons for this. No judgment! Also, the coffee or milk and sugar is added according to ones own personal taste. In my opinion it’s delicious!

Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning?

Happy Monday.


42 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Mornings Equal Coffee

  1. I have never drink coffee my entire life until 2012. I think one of our managers convinced me so well to try brewed coffee one day, and when I did, I loved it. That’s when I started drinking coffee like it’s my job. 😉 Earlier this year though, I’ve put an end to it. Then a couple of months back, I’m back to drinking again but just one cup every morning. My days always start with a good cup of black coffee, no sugar. 🙂

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    1. Haha – good tasting job! Yes, it’s one of those things I look forward to every morning. It’s something about the smell and the warmth – so good! My husband enjoys black coffee also, I think it’s a bit too intense for me. But I’m sure it helps you wake up! 😏😊

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  2. I actually do not drink anything but water. Strange isn’t but that is the only liquid I take. Besides fresh fruit juice 😊😊

    On a separate note I hope you are safe and Hurricane Micheal is not on your way? Stay safe my friend


  3. Here’s my morning routine:

    Wake up and get out of bed (of course).

    Usual post bathroom wake up stuff….I’ll spare the details.

    Start pot of coffee.

    Feed semi-homeless cat. – She hates men but loves the girls.

    Cut banana for my youngest when she wakes up.

    Banana for me.

    Coffee is finished.

    Say goodbye to the wife. Pretend to listen……haven’ta clue what she says. Hope the kids remind me.

    Take pot of coffee – favorite cup-banana – sugar free vanilla/caramel to the man’s den.

    Make sure Trump did not blow up the world and now I am the lone survivor.

    Catch up on my favorite blogs until it’s time to wake up the kids.

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  4. I used to Ana, before my nervous system malfunctioned. 😜 Miss it! The way it smells, the taste, the warmth…..loaded with creamer and sugar…..basically, I like my coffee to taste like a cookie. 😁Would SO love to sit and drink coffe with you! That would be a treat chica! 😃

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    1. Awe! Yes Vivian, morning coffee would be such a beautiful treat! The things that one misses. But you’re not missing out on much Vivian, if I’d have to choose between coffee and a cookie, I’d throw myself on a cookie! 😏🤦🏽‍♀️ I know, self control is so hard when it comes to sweets – very hard!

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      1. It would be Ana! Hehehe, yes, I’d choose the cookie too!!😁 I do have a yummy scrub made out of coffee to help with nerve pain. I know it sounds crazy, but there is a chemical in coffee grinds that sooth damaged nerves. I use it for a soothing scrub and natural glow. The smell is amazing, so I get my coffee kick that way. Who knew right?☕

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      2. Yes! Very true! After my first surgery – brain surgery. A nurse I had become acquaintance there with, she suggested to drink coke when I got home, because she said it would help with the head pain. I’ve also heard of people having stopped drinking coffee and experiencing headaches. Haven’t gone that far as to leaving coffee, but I would see how the body would go through some sort of withdrawal from caffeine.

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      3. I’ve heard that too. I know Excedrin has caffeine in it so that makes sense. Oh, my dear girl. I’m thankful you can enjoy the comforts of coffee. I aim for that again….it’s just so cozy to have my french pressed cup in the a.m. It’s one of those things I’ve had to give up but it’s still desired…..like driving. 🙂

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      4. Oh! Ok, yes, that explains Excedrin, yes. Of course, just because you’ve given it up for your own good, it doesn’t mean you don’t want it still. 😢 Ugh, driving is getting harder and harder to do. I feel like the end is nearing in to that.

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      5. It’s been several years for me and actually, I’m okay with that because I just don’t like leaving home much anymore. Someday I hope to but my daughter starts in a year or two so we can go places together and enjoy peaceful outings. It’s the dizziness and eye problems, plus weakness,….
        I’d be a road hazard for sure!😂🚔

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      6. Oh I know for sure, I’m a road hazard! I can’t leave home with one of the older children, it’s usually my oldest daughter. Although there have been days that I’ll get ready and won’t end up leaving the house, the moving around trying to get ready just gets to be too much for me. I also only leave when I absolutely need to. The sun, the car lights, the moving cars, the constant focusing, it all just gets to be too much.

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      1. Lol! 3 😳 Haha! I’m sure you have your house fully stocked with coffee, because Lord, if we’re out in my house! We’d leave to the store and come back! No questions asked, I mean whoever went to the store and didn’t bring back some coffee 🙄

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      2. Many, many years ago there was a thing called the fire watcher.. this position was the guy who’d make fire and make sure it stayed lit. Bad things would happen to him if the fire went out! This position has changed somewhat over the years to the coffee stocker lol!! Bad things happen when all the coffees gone lol!!

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      3. Lol! Oh yes! I see it, I see why things would go south – quickly! 😂 Ugh, the things that we get our bodies used to. It’s like I’m tempted to take my own coffee even when we go out of town. We are such creatures of habit! 😊

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