Happy Meme Monday: Veterans Day

As some of you may know, my husband is a Marine veteran and although he doesn’t read my blog – I won’t hold that against him, nor does he want a thank you on this day. I’d still like to give him – and the rest of the brave men and women, a thank you for the years spent away, for all that they sacrifice, for all that they’ve seen and for all they did and continue to do so that others like myself may have the freedom we have today. And although a mere thank you may not be much, may it be a reminder to you that your service is greatly appreciated today – and always, and your bravery and sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed.

So, if you’re a veteran – past or present, thank you, to you and your families, and God bless.


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53 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Veterans Day

      1. Thank you Wendi! You know, my husband has a bad ear, which makes it incredibly hard to speak to him from across the room. We’ve tried getting him in to the VA as recommended by one of my doctors and nothing! He’s tried calling to try to schedule an appointment with an Ear doctor and it’s close to impossible. He’s going to now get insurance through his job, because we think it’s just ‘easier’ going this route.

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      2. I am so very sorry to read this. At the VA I worked at we had patient advocates. I would have people call the main number and ask to speak to one. This person would then help them navigate all the stuff that he/she needed help with. If the issue is from his service, his appt. should be a priority.

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      3. Yes, it was from his time in the military, shooting practice, etc, to driving the trucks. He came back with hearing issues. He’s loud, like loud! We constantly tell him to lower his voice. There’s one ear that’s better than the other.
        I only asked one time, at an appointment for me, I felt so comfortable with my specialist, he was so kind, we discussed my husbands situation. He said to go straight to the VA. But nothing! 😣

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      4. I would absolutely try again Ana. Since this is a result of his military tours then I am hoping he is service connected and his appt. will take priority! I know it can be hard to get in, I heard this on the floors, but a patient advocate can help and once he is in the system, he is in. If he has never used the VA system all he should need is his DD214.

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      5. Yes, that’s what he had to turn in, in order to be accepted, they have he DD214. Yes, like everything, it’s a process. And unfortunately I think my husband isn’t the only one in the same situation. I will definitely tell him to give it a go again. Thank you Wendi! I appreciate the information you’ve provided. When you see no end, you kind of just give up. But I know they’re services he needs.

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Really?! You know I had emailed you last time, and you said the same thing. I wonder what’s going on. Do you think my emails are going to your spam folder? Let me know, because I’ll go back and look on my end to see what’s going on (insert sad emoji here)

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      1. I replied and again, I don’t see it in my sent box. So strange, let me know if you receive it too please and I’ll keep looking to see if anything was accidentally changed in my settings for incoming mail.
        Thanks for letting me know of the issue 🙂


  1. Ana Give your husband a huge thank you from this Canadian who served but not over seas in a war zone. He and all the others should be thanked each day until all wars end. Good luck with your surgery next week Ana. I will pray for you my friend. God bless your household !!

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    1. Thank you so much James! I will definitely let him know. And thank you for your service as well – may God continue to bless you, today and always.
      So nice to see you on WP! Thank you, yes, it’s next week. And at the moment my heart is a little heavy, but I know it’s because of the anticipation of it all. Well, you know more than anyone how it is. How are you doing, how are you feeling?

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      1. Oh James! Sorry to know that’s been going on. The road to recovery is a long, but you’ll reach it. The good thing is that you’ll go back for a check up once’s you’re done with the antibiotics. Will be praying for you James, surgery I think is the ‘easy’ part, the recovery is the part that will test our patience. 😌🙏🏽

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      2. Thank you for the kind concern ans worry Ana. Yes, the road to recovery is long and hard. Yes ten more days till my check up comes around. Surgery may seem easier because we just lay there lol . Our patience is tested during the long days of recovery. Thanks again Ana !!

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      3. Lol we lay there unconscious, thanks to the great team of anesthesiologist. However, when you wake up, wow! It just literally hits you like a ton of bricks, the pain is indescribable. There are no words!


      4. I am sore from that infection again. I am sore because I had to stop doing my rehab exercises when I got to sick and sore to keep going. I will have to push myself from tomorrow forward to do my rehab exercises. Thanks for asking

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      5. Do what you can and at your own pace. I went through physical therapy after my brain surgery a few years ago, and there’s nothing harder than therapy after surgery. I felt as if I didn’t know a thing, my strength was gone! But the days although they seem long, will get better with time.
        Of course James, will be praying for you.

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      6. Recovering from brain surgery must be hard. I have one other friend who has had brain surgeries. She has recovered like you have done. I know I must also complete my physiotherapy exercises as well Ana.

        Thanks for the prayers Ana. God bless you and your family.

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    1. Oh darn I’m on my desktop right now, where are the emojis when I need them! Lol
      I’m feeling a little uninspired at the moment, as I’m awaiting surgery – next week, and the anticipation is sucking the lights out of me! Kind of wish we’d get this ‘ball’ rolling, ya’ know?!

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      1. Thank you so much! There is no better place to be than in His hands.
        One time – of the many, I was waiting for my c-section surgery at one of the hospitals I gave birth in and while waiting, I noticed that the hospital had this huge painting. I walked over there, it was a painting of a surgery being performed, doctors all around the patient, big surgical light on right above them, they’re all concentrating with the body part wide open. And right behind the doctor that’s holding the scalpel is Jesus. Jesus had his hand on the surgeons shoulder. It was the most amazing painting, to know that through our faith we can have peace in our hearts knowing that God is guiding these doctors.

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