Happy Meme Monday: A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is such a wonderful reminder that putting things into perspective will help us realize what’s more important this time of year. Whether you’re spending this season on your own, away from family, working or whichever the case maybe, you’re not alone.

Giving thanks for the smaller things in life make for the biggest impact. 

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Happy Monday!


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26 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: A Charlie Brown Christmas

    1. Yes, love the Peanuts family, they’re adorable – and that tree 🥰
      Thank you Christy! I’m still learning the whole recording, editing and the whole world of YouTube. I’m trying to get a video out soon but since I had surgery, I’ve been trying to recover. But it’s so fun to do them! 😊

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      1. I am glad that you are venturing into something you find pleasure in. That is amazing! I wish you all the best in YouTube and I pray for your recovery! God bless you sweet Ana.

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