Happy Meme Monday: Casual Promises To Myself

I’ve never understood why people make New Year’s Resolutions.  There are those that want to lose weight and other short or long term promises that they choose to make to themselves come the new year. As for me, I like to say, I’ll do better than I did yesterday. That just seems a bit easier, to the point and in no way am I committed to something that seems hard to attain. So, this meme here today sums it up quite well!

I’d love to know your thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions, yay or nay?!

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new years resolutions

Happy Monday!


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45 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Casual Promises To Myself

  1. Yes I would say why wait for a new year day to take a resolution…
    what we have decide to do should be done on the day and followed….
    I have seen new year resolution last just less than one month…

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    1. Awe! That’s a very sweet and very honest promise. It’s so true, we can get coughs up in overly complicating things and become unhappy at a drop of a hat.
      I’ve heard also, to say, yes more often. That’s another complicated but very truthful one. I’m trying to do that one.

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  2. I think it’s people feeling guilty after Christmas. I gave up drinking 3 years ago – I often claim when asked that it was a New Years Resolution even though the decision was made in June. Before Christmas decided to try and switch to Decaf Coffee. So I suppose that possibly counts.

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    1. Good for you! I’m so glad you did!
      My husband is a recovering alcoholic and that’s no easy decision. But as it’s best for him, it’s also the best for his children and family overall.
      Decaf, hows that going? That must be difficult.

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    2. I fully support your decision to stop drinking! I come from a long line of addicts of many different substances. Alcohol, praise God, has no place in my life anymore. But decaf….. I’m afraid I must rebel lol!! I’ll support that from a distance lol!

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      1. Excuses.. excuses… and yes, I know the need for peace and extra coffee are easing…

        Jesus ain’t no baby no more!

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      2. Haha. 😆 Or informed?! Maybe informed.
        Our church holds a yearly event for children for Three Kings Day. As the wise men brought baby Jesus gifts, they also give all the children in the church gifts too. They sing and give out food afterwards – very nice.

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