Nail File Friday’s: Best 4 White Essie Nail Shades

I’m so excited to be back in the swing of things – finger’s crossed, with my first “Nail File Friday’s” of 2019! And today, I give you my absolute favorite four white nail polish shades from the brand Essie. In the video I show you how these four colors look from applying one to three coats, decide which you like best and try it yourself – all these colors will look amazing! These shades in particular are my go-to and definitely worth repurchasing – every single time!

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Happy Friday to all!


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38 thoughts on “Nail File Friday’s: Best 4 White Essie Nail Shades

    1. Thank you! Yes I did. Just finished unpacking from moving before New Years to a new houses. Eek! 😳 But I survived! I will write back tonight.
      Hope you’re doing well dearest friend. One day at a time. I’ve had a tough couple days with strong vertigo. Ugh, that just seems to knock the lights out of me. It’s horrible. But we’re standing 🙌🏽
      How are you feeling?

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      1. Lol! Enough said. That’s what most of us can say, no other way to put it. It isn’t a walk in the park.
        I for one see my family as a reason to get up each morning. These unexplainable diagnosis can really do a number on us, not to mention our minds – literally.


      1. I’m sure! They grow taller, to what seems, a little more by the day!
        Haha! No, not at all.
        Btw, my son John has a field trip coming up, and when the class was asked whose parents can volunteer to go. He raised his hand and said, my mom, she only works two minutes on the computer, she can go. 😳🤣

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