Nail File Friday’s: Korean Inspired Nail Art

This week I was inspired by the South Korean nail art. It is so easy, they’re all about leaving the nails looking minimalistic which includes the ever so easy, negative space. I always enjoy looking at different trends, especially in the world of nail art. So, today with my great-grandparents in mind I went back to replicate this very fun Korean trend. Enjoy!

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Happy polishing and happy Friday!


12 thoughts on “Nail File Friday’s: Korean Inspired Nail Art

  1. I’m ok hope you are ok as well. One really daft question. I am almost completely right handed. The left really just holds things. If that was the case how do you do your nails so that both hands look similar- I can imagine the left ones being good and the right ones looking like Inhad dropped a pot of paint onto it.

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    1. I’m so glad you’re doing ok.

      Haha! So funny! Well, growing up I was always into art – artsy things. I did love since really little, to do my nails. YouTube was a thought that I went in without fully thinking of all the work that goes into it. However, I did start YouTube with doing both my hands, mostly for pictures sake. There really isn’t any science behind doing the right hand, other than practice, practice having a steady hand and that comes with resting your left elbow. Today, doing a nail tutorial video at times every single day, it makes no sense in doing both hands – since the polish will come off the next day, for the next video. So, little fun fact, I only do one hand for time sake. After I do the pictures, I remove the polish and move on to the next video. 😊🙏🏽 Hope that makes sense?!

      Thank you for asking! Great question!


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