Happy Meme Monday: Private Number

You know that call that reads, ‘unknown caller’? Yes, that one. I must admit, there is nothing more slightly annoying than someone calling me with a blocked number. And I’m most sure, there is nothing more aggravating then me not answering their call.

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Happy Monday.


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22 thoughts on “Happy Meme Monday: Private Number

  1. I’ve had one coming up lately that says “scam likely” in place of the name. Lol, I don’t know where that lable is coming from but I definitly don’t answer.

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  2. I love this meme, and I understand your point of view. Albeit, as therapist in private practice. I have found it best to have a private out going line. Sometime a individual just doesn’t want to explain to their household, spouse or friends why a therapist may be calling them…

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    1. I agree. In that case then they know they should expect a private number to call them. I’m open to those around me about my therapy, but also don’t have her calling as we schedule future appointments soon after our sessions. Privacy is crucial though in those instances.

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      1. Nothing like having a guy that barely speaks English by the name of Jim Carter who wants to make you a millionaire if you send him an Amazon gift card for $200….

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