Too Much Homework And How It Affects My Family

I read the news online before I even start my day. My alarm goes off at 6:00 am and I lay in bed reading the days news. And today was no different. However, today I wanted to share with you this article that was published about kids and homework.

I’ve had many moments where I question a few assignments and particularly Science projects and think how my son will benefit from knowing “How Long A Chocolate Bar Takes To Melt” in the real world. Our families mission is sit down for dinner and pray – daily. We’ve been able to accomplish that. However that’s not the issue at hand. Are we timing our day, looking at the clock as the minutes tick away from us, planning our next step, and thinking just how much homework the teachers gave this time – absolutely. In remembering my oldest daughters years in private school, she was being assigned such a workload that she began having bald spots in her hair. The pediatrician saying, it was due to stress – she was eight! Today things aren’t looking any brighter, you can find her still doing homework in the hours of 10:00 pm or up to 11:00 pm.

Your kids right. Homework is pointless. Here’s what you should be doing instead.

I also read this morning this article published in 2016 – a Texas second grade teacher implementing a ‘no homework policy’ in her classroom. This article states how, ‘studies have found that students in the early elementary school years are getting more homework than recommended by education leaders.’ Here’s a copy of the letter the parents received that year from the second grade teacher.

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It's no homework, all year long for one group of Texas second graders.

As many of you know – and if you’re new here, hello and welcome, I have quite a tiny army. And if there’s anything more daunting than bath time, it has to be homework time. It’s a process, it’s a routine that must be managed with much care and patience. And if I’m even more honest with you, my schedule is done around homework, pediatrician appointments – yes, those too, around homework time! I try to make it so that the children aren’t overly exhausted by the time we all need to sit down and begin homework assignments, projects, etc. As to avoid any whining, meltdowns, borderline falling asleep on the table with pencil on hand moments and tears – from me, not them. I often think and joke that when the children graduate – I also graduate! Because parents work just as hard on the homework as the children themselves.

Here are a few key points from this mornings article that I found interesting.  

+ The ‘pointless’ homework issue isn’t new. The volume of homework given to children is increasing making it the ‘new’ issue.

+ One survey of 2,000 parents found that more than half of parents feel they are too busy to enjoy the fun of parenting.

+ If you are stressed and cranky and you have to get home and force them to do homework, it removes the sense that home is a supportive, loving place where you can connect.

+ “10 Minute Rule” 10 minutes of homework per grade. 10 minutes for first grade, 20 minutes for second grade, 12 grade up to 120 minutes. And Kindergartners aren’t recommended to get homework, today they are getting about 25 minutes a day of homework.

+ Fight for no-homework policies at your child’s school, push back against unrealistic homework assignments, particularly those that will cause unnecessary stress.

+ Gaining 30 minutes or in other cases even 2 plus hours makes a difference in the families well being and gives us the opportunity to remember why we had our children.

+ It’s absurd to insist that children must be engaged in constructive activities right up until their heads hit the pillow. Especially after spending six hours a day in school.

+ Children and parents need downtime. It’s not to say, downtime needs to be mindless, parents can cook, read and watch tv with their children and then discuss what they just read.

+ It’s best to grow skills – such as reading, that they find interesting, then to force them to work through worksheets, forcing them may backfire.

+ Best replacement for homework: a parent / caregivers attention. At school they operate as a herd and teachers can’t give them all the attention they deserve. At home they should be seen as the unique, individual, interesting and brilliant people they are.

The article has been thought provoking. Let me know your thoughts on the matter. As to my final thoughts, we need more ‘Mrs. Brandy Youngs.’


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22 thoughts on “Too Much Homework And How It Affects My Family

  1. Rightly brought and the as the days pass by the education system and the competitiveness is putting much and much pressure on the kids. They are being overburdened by homework, it’s high time that more parents should stand up against this.

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    1. I agree! At the end of the day I don’t know how much homework information is being retained as they are dreading every minute of it. They rush to do it or don’t want to do it at all. And most parents find homework to be a nightly battle.
      Thank you for your thoughts on the topic!


    1. Yes, same here! Homework is suppose to be a review on the days teachings. But most days, kids don’t know how to do the homework assigned. They have no clue. So, I’m left to look things up online. The load is too much and they go to sleep burnt out!
      And with your son – or mine that’s on the spectrum, things are no different. They gets loads to do, and the frustration that they experience is on another level. It’s truly saddening.


      1. 😣 I know! It’s close to insanity here in school days. We want to give them time to unwind and relax before starting homework. But it’s almost impossible to allow them to do that because we know how long it takes them to complete it.
        They need time to be kids, and we need more time with our kids.

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      2. The public school system here have a choice for parents to homeschool at no cost. Of course it takes discipline and such on both the child and parent to get everything done. But I’m considering going that route for my oldest child. She enters the 9th grade in two years, and high schools here are becoming more and more scary each year. Not that middle school is any better.

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      3. Yes, parents do it themselves. I’m not sure on the details of what everything consists of. But I do know, the material and books are given to you and then the student needs to visit their nearest school to do their exams.
        I hope I can gather more information once the time comes. I’m just glad it’s an option and that it’s offered a no cost to families.

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    1. That’s amazing! Just recently I’ve been trying to explain to my daughters teacher – she’s in kindergarten, that she’s assigning too much homework. There’s 2 pages back and forth for math, there’s language art, there’s Spanish, and there’s Spelling words. And then the children are required to complete required time on the computer – math and reading. 🤯🥺 It’s a lot. Most teachers reasonings for homework – to get them ready for the next grade level.

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  2. I fully agree with what was written in the letter. Too much homework for those poor babies. It’s not fair and can result in mental breakdown from a very tender age that is not healthy for any toddler, teenager nor adult. I believe there should be a regular study time table instead of homework. Thanks for standing up to where this is concerned and bless God for leading you to that article. Blessings & strength sis! 🙂

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