Happy Meme Monday: Me, In The Middle Of Monday

I thought weekends were meant for sleep and relaxation?! Yet, it seems to me like there’s more work to be done on the weekends than there is to do during the week, leaving me a bit sluggish on Monday’s. However, here’s to a productive week ahead! May you set out to accomplish your goals or pushing yourself to tackle those things you’ve yet to do. Do you get the same feeling Monday’s?! Please tell me you do.

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Happy Monday!


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Happy Meme Monday: Before You Get Married

There are many qualities we look for in future spouses. The things you look for in a life long partner may be short or long, but our lists may still be somewhat the same. This one in the meme however, I didn’t think of myself. I got to know my husband’s patience level when there came the time to put something together and the need to read the instruction manual became apparent and not a reality. Pfft, who needs a manual anyway?!

How do you test someones patience?

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Happy Meme Monday: The Art Of Multi-tasking With Children

There comes a time in one’s life when they are blessed to become a parent. There is also a time when you must multi-task to be able to get things done – or at least started. And no one knows the art of multi-tasking better than a teacher. Last year in December I had the pleasure of volunteering at my third graders class trip to watch the ballet, The Nutcracker. It was early morning and before the class could even get out the door and onto the buses, the teacher still had to get her morning routine done. And let’s just say, it was both amusing and shocking. But then again I have my very own mini tribe, so to say things surprise me, it would be a bit of a bluff on my behalf. This meme describes that morning  in a nut shell. Thank you teachers for all you do – you are true heroes without the capes!

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Happy Monday!


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