Happy Meme Monday: Maybe I’ll Blink, Maybe

It’s been one of those weeks. That week when your parents lease is up and nothing has gone as intended, having no other place to go, offered my home while they find a new place, they said yes, I rearranged the rooms so we’d make room for the grandparents, on the same week that my three year was evaluated to know if he qualifies to enter preschool and did i mention all the while, still potty training him! Phew – I know, that was a lot to take in.

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This meme is me in a nut shell, and with what little energy I have left, I’ll contemplate whether to use it for breathing or blinking – decisions, decisions.


Have you had one of those weeks?! Happy Monday!


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Happy Meme Monday: Find Your Joy Today

This is more of a ‘Motivational Monday‘ then it is ‘Meme’ but I loved this message so much, I just had to share. I was moved by this because although I was never one to have planned my future at a young age, I didn’t see a chronic illness in my future and my present life. The picture was never clear, I only knew two things, one, that I wanted to get married and two, I wanted to have kids. These two have been such a blessing. However, in 2013 the picture was distorted – for the better. And I say for the better because at times I got very comfortable with life and with this illness, it’s helped me find myself – slowly but surely, realize things I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to and also, be able to live in the moment. It’s helped me see that life is uncertain, things happen, health issues arise, to let go and let God and to accept things I can not change.

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Happy Monday!


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Six Dollar Store Essentials For Disney Trip

Six Dollar Store Essentials For Disney Trip

I want to share with you these items that I consider to be essential  for any Disney trip / vacation. The best part of all is that they can all  be purchased from the Dollar Store.

This bottle caddy – I found this one on Amazon which also looks great. The plastic gets hooked onto the top part of any water bottle and it can be carried around your neck or across your body. The kids love carrying this and when they don’t – it happens, simply place the water bottle in the backpack.

2018-08-10 16.35.56

You want to take rain ponchos because you just never  know if it’ll rain – these are from Amazon, and small trash bags these are from Amazon. The children are constantly snacking at the parks and there isn’t always a trash bin around, simple start to fill up a bag, and as soon as a trash bin is in sight, simply toss the bag away! The children will also snack in the car on the way to Disney World, and all the trash in placed in these small bags. Also, yes I would agree, these are not  the best in quality, but again, this will keep you dry, and considering the overpriced ponchos being sold at the parks, you can’t  beat the price!

2018-08-10 16.31.18

These pop-up hampers – this 2 pack is from Amazon. I will usually purchase two, one for myself and my husband and the other for the children. When we arrive to our rooms, I’ll set these up in a corner. Then when it’s time to pack up and go, we simply pack these in our vehicle. It makes going back home so much more enjoyable. I get home, the clothes are in the hampers, put them in the laundry room, wash, and done!  No more dirty clothes mixed in with clean clothes.

2018-08-09 23.06.04

If you’re planning to stay longer than a few days – say 3 days, I’d suggest not over packing instead take your own detergent and wash clothes. The Disney resorts have self service laundry facilities on property. Just so you know, if purchasing detergent from the vending machine they offer are a single-use packet for $1 each. This bottle is enough for about three to four loads, which is more than plenty. On this day / trip, there was only this brand, but the Dollar Store carries other known brands such as Tide and Gain.

2018-08-09 23.06.19

And lastly, little ones enjoy all things glow in the dark, so these are perfect for the night time Happily Ever After show at Magic Kingdom or  any other fireworks and nighttime spectaculars at Disney World.

2018-08-09 23.07.31

Do you have any must haves or essentials you take on your trip to Disney World? Please share!


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Reblog Wednesday: How to Set Boundaries with a Toxic Person — MakeItUltra™ Psychology

It’s rather a bit unsettling to think of the need to cut ties with someone. At times they’re friendships or even a family member. As I continue to grow, I’ve realized what I want, what I will accept and will not tolerate in friendships and overall relationships. I believe this to be an internal battle also because I was taught to love thy neighbor, to accept people as they are, and to love in the dimension of the cross. But what happens when others no longer serve a positive purpose in my life, when they no longer lift me, but rather break me. Please, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe we will have our moments with others when we will disagree, and we’ll forgive one another and move on. But what if this is recurring and happening constantly?! What if I consider myself a good friend and yet have come to realize a friendship in my life isn’t reciprocating the same level of love and respect for our friendship. You know, that one sided friendship, do you cut ties, do you call it quits or do you continue to accept their behavior?!

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This week I bring you this wonderful post on the matter by the very talented Dr. Perry over at Make It Ultra. He lists a few suggestions he uses in his practice on how to create healthy boundaries with others. He first mentions to be honest with the other person about your feelings, not adding to the negativity and not fearing the loss of a relationship that just feeds you negativity. If you haven’t read the full post, please stop by his blog!


Written by Dr. Perry, PhD Image Credit: Pixabay “People inspire you or they drain you. Pick them wisely.” ~Hans F. Hansen We all know at least one person who seems to walk around in a state of doom and gloom. They are in short supply of joy but have an overabundance of negativity. This individual may […]

via How to Set Boundaries with a Toxic Person — MakeItUltra™ Psychology

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Happy Meme Monday: Me, In The Middle Of Monday

I thought weekends were meant for sleep and relaxation?! Yet, it seems to me like there’s more work to be done on the weekends than there is to do during the week, leaving me a bit sluggish on Monday’s. However, here’s to a productive week ahead! May you set out to accomplish your goals or pushing yourself to tackle those things you’ve yet to do. Do you get the same feeling Monday’s?! Please tell me you do.

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Happy Monday!


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Actress Selma Blair And Her MS Diagnosis

If there’s one thing I enjoy doing, is watching early morning TV while sipping on coffee. The older children have gone off to school and my littlest babies are still in bed asleep. This morning was the same, only today, an interview with actress Selma Blair with host Robin Roberts resonated with me.

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In this interview actress Selma Blair shares her journey of living with MS – Multiple Scoliosis, a disease in which the immune system eats away the protective covering of the nerves. It can affect the brain, spinal cord and the optic nerves in your eyes. Aside from causing problems with vision, it affects your balance and muscle control, just to name a few. She has the most aggressive form of MS, and it has now affected her speech, as you’ll notice in her interview – spasmodic dysphonia, as well has her walking, which she now relies on a cane for assistance.

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Once again I saw yet another disease trying to strip away the life of a woman and first and foremost a mother. I can relate to her, as I myself am living with Chiari Malformation. It makes you forget all that you knew, the life you knew and emerges you in a new life that is so foreign it may as well bring you to your knees. At times not even knowing what hurts more, as it becomes nearly impossible to vocalize what is wrong and what one is psychically feeling.

In this interview actress Selma Blair mentions …

an experience while having to take her son to school about a mile away, when returning home, having to pull over mid way to take a nap. I can’t take my kids to school, physically my driving is limited, and when I do, it must be close to home. And I understand the need, that dire need to nap. It’s an overwhelming feeling, it takes over your body and mind, and you absolutely have to lie down – ASAP, and sleep.

shame, shame that comes with having chronic pain and a disease that inevitably prevents you from being the mother you desire to be. And all you can do is what you can, to the best of your ability.

telling her son. She mentions that it wasn’t at all difficult sharing her diagnosis with her son. And I agree! Telling the children is so important. In my case, we’ve been open with the children, from why mommy needs quiet, why mommy needs to sleep, to why mommy needs to visit the doctor and why mommy needs to do an MRI. It is paramount to keep the children in the loop!

‘what gets you through those difficult days?’ … she gets in bed and doesn’t move. You just can’t do it all and it’s fine to feel crappy. Her son gets it and she has learned not to feel guilty. This is such an important message. A message to all those parents, that feel the need to play a role they can no longer play, the one where they can do it all, without the need of a break. When you’ve been diagnosed with something like MS or Chiari Malformation, you will have those days where you can’t move, where you get stopped in your tracks and can no longer move. Don’t do more than what your body can handle, put the guilt aside and live your truth. As she said, ‘it’s fine to feel crappy.’

If you haven’t seen the interview, I encourage you to do so, spreading awareness is essential as it motivates others to come out of the shadows and not feel ashamed or alone. When you voice your experience, you not only give a face to the illness, but you help others that are going through the same.


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Top 3 Character Dining To Experience With Kids At Walt Disney World

If you live in Florida, it is inevitable to want to vacation at the happiest place on Earth. Especially when you have little ones who are enamored by all things Disney. When planning a Disney World trip there is without a doubt an almost overwhelming amount of things to want to do. However, if you have kids having a character dining experience is an absolute must! The experience in dining and meeting the characters is like no other.

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I couldn’t rank our top 3 as they’re all great experiences, so if you are able to get reservations for any of these, book it!

1900 Park Fare – located in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Magic Kingdom Resort Area

Characters here you’ll find Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter and friends. We however, reserve for the ‘Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner’ and here you’ll find Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine (stepmother), Anastasia and Drisella.

Allergy-Friendly Keep in mind that if you have a child with allergies like I do, when making reservations by phone and upon arrival, let the cast member know. Although there is no guarantee there won’t be any cross-contamination, they try to make proper accommodations. Once seated the chef will come to the table and he’ll walk you through the buffet to know which foods the child may eat according to the allergies. They’ll also make a ‘special’ peanut-free dessert which will be prepared in the kitchen when he’s done eating. Also, visit my post on the kids food allergy alert wrist bands that my son wears.

Cost breakfast / brunch about $32 adults and $20 child, dinner about $45 adults and $27 child

Menu Buffet style, American cuisine.

Attire Unless you’re eating in one of the signature dining locations there is a certain dress code. But for the rest of the restaurants, such as these character dining experiences, it’s casual, come as you would go to the parks, per se. And this particular character dining is located in the very elegant Grand Floridian Resort, however, you can wear what you like – shorts, sneakers, just overall theme park attire.

Atmosphere Expect many children – not all mine, and a loud atmosphere. This can be applied to all the character dining experience, loud but oh so fun!

The Crystal Palace – located inside the Magic Kingdom Park

Characters here you’ll find the characters from The Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore.

Allergy-Friendly same as the 1900 Park Fare, when making reservations by phone and upon arrival, let the cast member know. Although there is no guarantee there won’t be any cross-contamination, they do try to to make proper accommodations.

Cost for lunch about $37.99 adults and $22.99 child

Menu Buffet style, American cuisine.

Atmosphere Like many of the character dining experience, expect many children, and a loud atmosphere.

‘Ohana (means Family) – located inside the Polynesian Village Resort, Magic Kingdom Resort Area *characters join guests only at breakfast time

Characters here you’ll find Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto.

Allergy-Friendly same as the 1900 Park Fare and The Crystal Palace, when making reservations by phone and upon arrival, let the cast member know. Although there is no guarantee there won’t be any cross-contamination, they do try to to make proper accommodations.

Cost for character breakfast about $34 adults and $20 child, dinner about $46 adults and $26 child

Menu Family style. American, Polynesian cuisine.

Atmosphere Like many of the character dining experience, expect many children, a loud but very fun atmosphere.

Also, keep in mind most restaurants will be less expensive if you book for breakfast.

Happy character dinning!


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