Happy Meme Monday: Black Friday in America

Have you heard of ‘Black Friday‘? This is a day when stores all across America offer ridiculously low prices on items, such as toys and electronics. This happens in November, the day after Thanksgiving. While some are willing – and others not, to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving and then go straight to their favorite store – yes, at night! And yes, they’re camping out in front of a store. They will wait – some all night, until that store opens the next day, to ensure they are first in line and get the item they want at the low price being offered. I know, you’re confused, so am I. I’ve never understood this.

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Have you been to a store on ‘Black Friday’ and snagged a great deal?! Was your experience a pleasant one?! Do share.

Happy Meme Monday.


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Happy Meme Monday: Parenting + The Hunger Games

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about parenting is not to judge someone else’s parenting –¬† speaking about toddlers especially. Have you heard the saying, ‘terrible twos’?! Yes, they were wrong, there’s the terrible twos, threes and fours. Maybe even beyond, but who am I to judge?!

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Have you been present when a mom – or dad, is clearly struggling with their child, you know, and then you see the parent trying to kneel down to the child’s level, whispering in the child’s ear, all in hopes the child listens, only to land on deaf ears?! I know the feeling. I’ve seen that, I’ve experienced that, and it all can be a bit brutal!

Image result for stay at home mom meme hunger games

Here’s to supporting one another in parenthood in this task of raising our children and surviving the process.


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Happy Meme Monday: Let’s Compare Headaches

If you or someone you know has¬†Chiari Malformation¬†or any other illness that is followed by chronic pain, you know the hard task of having to explain the illness to people. That dreaded moment of having to explain how you feel, how it affects your life,¬† sometimes even after you’ve told these same people that your illness has no cure – multiple times! Not to mention trying really hard to tell them about your pain levels, headaches and what you have to live with, in such a way that won’t scare the Jesus out of them!

Related image

It doesn’t stop there, because even after you’ve explained the type of pounding headaches you have, they then proceed to tell you about their headaches. Because they think it compares to yours and how sharing that with you somehow will comfort you – yes, this meme is for you!

Happy Monday.


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Searching For A Sign

I often get so many thoughts running through my mind and maybe you can relate.¬†These thoughts of wanting to do something else, something more, maybe learn a new language or perhaps learn a new recipe. As for me I think with the blog and the online¬†store¬†I have, is enough considering there are still little ones to look after. But really, there’s always that one thing, that thing that we think we should be doing, should have done or goal yet to be reached. And all you’ve been doing is waiting, waiting for something, perhaps God to come and give you a sign. Perhaps because you’re not sure, you have self doubt, you’re afraid, afraid of failure or afraid of success, but you’re afraid. So, let’s say, you do it, whatever you’ve been thinking of doing, a job change, going back to school, yes, lets just say you do it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally do what you’ve been thinking about doing for so long?!

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This often reminds me of those who have been stuck in a rut for so long. We become content with what we have because it’s become our safe place and it’s what we’ve known for so long. In my opinion, the number one culprit in relationships, is the argument of never having enough money, you complain there isn’t enough, but I often question, what are we doing to change that, what are we doing to get to the finances that we need to finally ‘make ends meet.’ In all honesty, probably nothing. So, if you’re a mother, a father or simply someone that’s looking to take that leap – take it! It’ll take you farther than you know.


Happy Meme Monday: Life As Painted By Bob Ross

Do you remember Bob Ross?! I remember being a young girl, siting in front of my television and watching Bob Ross on PBS. I was, from a young age an artist enthusiast and I loved all things art. A couple of months ago on a ‘quick’ trip to Target, I ran into this gem! This can really be the answer to all my life’s problems, because who doesn’t want to paint their mistakes and make them into birds?!


Boss Ross, you bring this girl the greatest memories!


Happy Meme Monday: When You’re Diagnosed With A Rare Disorder

Mom Life With Chiari is currently taking a couple of days off and this is a pre-scheduled post. Enjoy!

Happy Meme Monday

I often get asked what Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia is, both of which are rare conditions. There are 1 in 1,000 people living with Chiari Malformation and this meme describes my life since my 2013 diagnosis Рin a nut shell. Enjoy!

Image result for meme i don't always feel sick but when I do I can some shit no one has heard of

Thank you Mr. Dos Equis XX for that! My Chiari and Syringomyelia thanks you!

Hope you’re having a great Monday.


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Happy Meme Monday: Sharing With Kids 101

As a mother / parent, you know that you are always obligated sharing. Once you become a parent, you will never look at a piece of cookie or cake without first thinking, how many ways can this piece be cut? Two, three, six?! Or should I hide this chocolate until the kids go to sleep and then eat it?! Oh the decisions one must make to eat in peace and not have to share.


This is me on a Monday¬†Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Hope you’re having a great Monday!


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