Reblog Wednesday: I’m more than just a Mom — Momma Meets World

This reblog comes from Momma Meets World where she speaks on asking herself, who she is, who she is as a whole, as a person, as an individual. It struck a cord with me as Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. As a stay at home mom often times I feel defined by just that, a stay at home mom. And nothing else. I’ve too often felt like there’s a certain shame behind being a ‘stay at home mom.’ As if there’s nothing interesting, nothing exciting, nothing substantial behind the title. I’m not even speaking solely on mom’s, perhaps you’re a single dad, or single mother, or someone going through anything that has a title attached to it that has a negative cognition.

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Why has society placed a negative stigma over parents wanting to raise their kids at home?

And why are some stay at home parents – as myself, seeking to put more on their plates then what they already have? 

Are we trying to prove something? And to whom?

Truth be told, stay at home moms are not at home eating Dum Dums (lollipops) all day – I know, shocker! In my quest to put my ‘stay at home mom’ title on the side somewhere, I realize I’ve done just that, fill  my plate – to the rim. And you can see more here, on the different things I have going on aside from caring for my kids at home. Yes, granted, because of my diagnosis I do these things from home, however they do  take up my time nonetheless. Also, I’ve realized that there’s no other title more important to me than that of a parent, of a mother and that of a stay at home mom.

If you’re on this quest to redefine yourself or rediscover yourself, know that your kids don’t see a title, but rather a loving parent.

In your own quest to find yourself, don’t lose who you are for the sake of proving society wrong, or anyone else wrong, do things for yourself, for your family and know that at the end, all will be well.


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It’s taken me a very long time to realize that I’ve lost who I am. Who is Monica? A few weeks ago I woke up feeling numb. I’m not sure if I felt sadness, or darkness, or anything for that matter…I just felt blank.

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When Mother’s Day is Especially Hard

When Mother’s Day is Especially Hard

While Mother’s Day is a wonderful reminder for some that we’ve been blessed to be mother’s, I know that there are some that find Mother’s Day especially hard – for both men and women. This day is a bitter sweet reminder to many for many reasons. Perhaps you don’t live close to mom, you’ve lost your mom or have never met your biological mother due to adoption, or you’re a mother of an angel, experienced the loss of a son or daughter or both, or you’re not a mother but have longed to be one for so long. Whichever the case may be and your reasons you find this day particularly hard, my prayers are with you. I remember that the struggles I see, the never ending loads of toys, the tiny screams I hear, the tiny hugs I feel are not experienced by many – and are a blessing rather than a burden.

Today I not only embrace my Mother’s Day with my little ones, I keep in my heart those women who are having a hard time coping with today.

Happy Mother’s Day – Feliz dia de las Madres

Have a beautiful and blessed day.


Photo: Kelly Sikkema