Nail File Friday’s: How To Create Brush Stroke Nail Art

I’m back with a very easy ‘brush stroke’ nail art tutorial. I used these two amazing color combinations of neon pink and gold. However, use which ever two colors you already love! This look can go so many different ways, the strokes can go as long or short as you’d like, each nail will have their own look, as one will not be the same as the next. And as always, have fun with it!

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Happy Friday!


27 thoughts on “Nail File Friday’s: How To Create Brush Stroke Nail Art

    1. Of course. Thank you!
      The new house is coming along! We have a ‘boys’ room and a ‘girls’ room that we’ve been trying to put together. It’s coming along though! 🙌🏽 My husband and I have spent most of today putting together a new bunk bed – I can’t tell you how difficult those things are to put together! 😣 Haha! Thank you so much for asking.

      Hope you both are doing good! 😊🙏🏽

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      1. Yes! They’ve been helping so much and enjoying their Nintendo Switch. This is the very first game console we caved into buying.
        I haven’t played it, but kiddies are loving it. There is that ‘minor’ stipulation I put in place before buying it 😏😊 So far so good!

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      2. I have to, if not, this would be a crazy home! Nope. 😆
        Oh nice! My oldest has her keyboard and classical guitar. She has band class, but was chosen for keyboard since she was the only one that could play – ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ 🙌🏽 She loves it!

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      3. At her age, let her learn one thing at a time until she starts taking interests in other instruments. I started off with keyboard. Then drums, guitars, bass, banjos and there’s a lot I’m interested to learn in the future.

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      4. Good to know! That’s what we’ve been thinking. Great!
        That’s amazing – you’ve done well in learning so many. There’s a little neighbor of ours that plays his drums in his garage. Thankfully we can’t hear it from inside our house. 😏 But it’s fun to watch him play!

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