Nail File Friday’s: Easy Flower Nail Art

I’m so excited to share this weeks nail art tutorial as it’s something I had yet to try. The flower trend is ongoing especially this time of year, although it seemed a bit intimidating I gave it a go! And it turns out it’s easy and you can try the flower in your own favorite color, or as I did here, in pink. The trick to doing a flower – layers, layers! And a thin brush wouldn’t hurt either.

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Quick Tip for Brushes: have a brush that’s too thick for nail art, simply dip in acetone to shape and trim the sides to make it thinner.

Also, you can now follow me on Instagram @simple_naildesigns Be sure to follow me for more weekly nail art tutorials!

Happy Friday!


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23 thoughts on “Nail File Friday’s: Easy Flower Nail Art

      1. My wife got a mani/pedi a few days ago. She looks awesome! But came home not sure how she liked them.. 🤦‍♂️

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      2. That’s great, so glad she can make time for that! It happens though, we’re never too sure on the color 😫🤣 Saw a meme of a nail technician waiting on the client to pick out a nail polish shade – she took so long to choose the tech turned into a skeleton 😳😂

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